All the above-mentioned dues (except security with the condition mentioned above, once deposited are NON REFUNDABLE, irrespective whether boy joins the College or not and the manner in which the amount is expended, is NOT accounted to the parents. All College dues are chargeable for the full year, including vacation.​
The rate of monthly dues may be increased at any time by 5 to 10% to compensate for escalation in price etc., but not before one year stay of a cadet.​
When a cadet is enrolled he has to complete the session. In case he leaves college, he must have to inform the administration two months before otherwise he has to pay the advance fee of two months only than he will be given the college certificate.
NO cadet shall be allowed to appear in any board’s examination or for the annual examination, unless his accounts have been settled in full by the date on which examination begins.
The cadets appearing for the Boards examination will pay the messing and boarding fee up to the end of calendar month in which their board examination / practical exams finishes whichever is later.
1000/- (One Thousand Only) will be charged as fee for college leaving certificate.

Very Important

Must write name of your son, class and name of his father at the back of Bank Draft. Keep a photocopy of Bank Draft with you and send us original copy.